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Research and education push the boundaries of the industries and world we live in through cutting edge investigations and projects. At Inspec Solutions we help academia realise those ideas with our real-world expertise.

Inspec Solutions have supported academia and research organisations through the realisation of the ideas presented to us. Our in-depth knowledge of automation technology and highly skilled engineers allow us to take the vision to reality.

Our dedicated team of software engineers have produced solutions ranging from production line vision tracking modules for Industry 4.0 production cells, integrating into digital twin simulations through to real-time production performance indication with our AMV Industry 4.0 OEE visualisation product.

Our engineers are able to take these systems into the real world by calling on our systems engineering team who can deliver interfacing solutions to new and legacy equipment to extract the salient information, delivering it to the software modules in real-time. Their background in the delivery new and replacement systems provides them with the experience to reverse engineering systems and to suggest optimal solutions allowing legacy equipment to provide enhanced performance insights.

Surrounding all the innovation and research there is still a need to embrace safety. Our TÜV qualified Safety Consultants can provide assessments to ensure that the projects in flight meet all industrial safety standards, ensuring that new innovations can transition from the laboratory to industry with all aspects of safety considered from the start.

Our hardware and software experience allows incremental improvements at minimal cost; perfectly aligning to the capital investment model of academic and research projects.

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  • Research Facility Safety Proof Testing
  • Specialist Software Services
  • Collaborative Design Projects
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