Cyber Security

With the increased integration between IT and OT, the need for tighter cyber security is greater than ever.

Control and OT systems, by their nature have a long lifespan, and during their life numerous modifications are made by various parties without necessarily looking at the ‘big picture’ impact.

At Inspec Solutions we understand the constraints of operational control systems and also the integration into the wider Business systems and we can help our Customers understand the threat surface and suggest mitigation measures.

Through our partnership with a leading cyber security product manufacturer, we are able to offer threat evaluation services on new and legacy control systems.

This non-intrusive service provides

  • Discovery of network connected assets such as servers, workstations, HMI, PLC and remote I/O etc.
  • Alerts of new connected entities such as laptops, programming terminals, routers etc
  • Reporting of active cross network protocols
  • Reporting of open network ports and sockets
  • Changes to network topology
  • Threat attacks such as unauthorised login attempts, DOS attacks and abnormal activity

We offer an initial evaluation in order for our Customers to determine if the networks and services that form their networks are as designed and understood. We are also able to offer an ongoing SIEM service to monitor and alert in the event of unexpected activity on the network.

The outcome of any assessments allow our Customers to carry out a rectification plan, including

  • Assessment of Risks identified
  • Implement Countermeasures
  • Maintenance Procedures and ongoing assessment

Remember that cyber security is an ongoing activity, with the landscape of threats changing on a daily basis. Inspec Solutions Ltd can assist with those ongoing risk assessments, countermeasure implementation and architecture practices to ensure our Customers operations run securely and smoothly.

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