Iron and Steel Making



Inspec Solutions are one the main suppliers of control systems to the Iron & Steel making and Metal forming Industries in the UK.

Inspec have undertaken control systems and have process knowledge in all stages of the processes in the steel & Metals manufacturing processes including:-

    • Coal and Ore Handling
    • Coke Making
    • Blast Furnaces & Auxiliary Plant
    • BOS Furnaces
    • Desulpurisation Systems
    • Carbon Injection Systems
    • Ladle Arc Furnace (including Regulation Systems)
    • Electric Arc Furnace
    • AOD Furnace
    • Vacuum Degassing Systems
    • Fume Extraction & Dust Collection Plant Control
    • Water Cooling Systems
    • Bulk Additions Handling Pant
    • Pre- Heater & Burner Controls
    • Alloy, Powders & Carbon Addition / Injection Systems
    • Caster Control Systems
    • Reheat Furnaces
    • Mill Control Systems
    • Grinding, Scarfing & Finishing lines

 Forging & Metal Forming

Based in Sheffield, the historic home of so much of the worlds steel industry, Inspec are perfectly placed to serve as expert suppliers for control and automation projects for specialist metals forming companies wherever they might be. We have automated a number of very specialist Forging Presses and Ring Mill control systems, as well as furnace control systems, automated handling and manipulator sytems. We  have excellent experience at all levels of the systems from the instrumentation, cabling and control systems right up to providing fast, useful management information to client engineers and managers.

The image above is of a 1500tonne Piercing Press at a large forging factory where Inspec have recently undertaken a large control systems upgrade much improving the operation, reliability, fault finding and management information data.

Ring Mill in Action